Brawl Stars: What does Underdog mean?

underdog definition
underdog definition

The term "Underdog" in Brawl Stars refers to a special status given to players who are matched against significantly stronger opponents in terms of trophy counts in 3v3 game modes. This mechanic is designed to make the game fairer by rewarding underdog players with additional trophies for winning and reducing their trophy loss when defeated. 

How is Underdog Status Determined?

In Brawl Stars, during matchmaking, players may come across the "Underdog status" if there's a significant difference in trophies. This status is given when there's a noticeable skill gap between the competing teams. For example, if your team has a much lower total trophy count compared to your opponents in 3v3 matches, you might be labeled as an Underdog. This serves two purposes: it warns players about the upcoming challenging match and it adjusts the trophy rewards after the game.

Benefits of Being an Underdog

Being an underdog in Brawl Stars comes with certain advantages, primarily affecting the number of trophies awarded or deducted based on battle performance. When you win a match as an underdog, you're awarded up to 4 additional trophies on top of the standard victory amount. This bonus serves as recognition for overcoming the odds against a stronger opponent. 

In the event of a draw, you can still earn up to 4 extra trophies, acknowledging your team's effort. If you lose the match, being the underdog will protect you from losing any trophies, unlike the usual deductions in defeat. This system helps to soften the blow of setbacks and encourages players to give their best effort even in challenging situations, knowing that their current trophy count is protected while the potential for gain remains high.

Strategies for Underdog Matches

When you find yourself as an underdog, it's important to adapt your strategy. Focus on playing defensively, prioritize survival, and take advantage of your opponent's mistakes. Communication with your teammates becomes even more crucial in these matches. By working together and playing smart, you can increase your chances of securing an upset victory and reaping the rewards of the underdog bonus.

The Impact of Underdog on Matchmaking

The underdog system helps balance the game by accounting for skill disparities and reducing frustration among players. By providing a safety net for lower-ranked players and incentivizing higher-ranked players to maintain their performance, the underdog mechanic contributes to a more dynamic and competitive environment.

Limitations and Exceptions of the Underdog System

While the underdog system is beneficial, it's important to understand its limitations. Not all matches with trophy differences will trigger the underdog status; there are specific thresholds that must be met. Additionally, some game modes or events might have different rules regarding the underdog mechanic. Being aware of these exceptions can help players set realistic expectations and better comprehend their match outcomes.

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