What are Minis in Fortnite?

minis definition
minis definition

Minis in Fortnite refer to Mini Shield Potions, consumable healing items that restore a small portion of a player's shield or overshield. 

These potions provide 25 shield points when consumed and players can carry up to 6 Minis in their inventory at once. Minis take just 2 seconds to consume, making them useful for quickly restoring some shield mid-battle. 

They are common loot items found in chests, floor loot, supply drops, etc. Drinking a Mini on top of full shields (100) grants 50 overshield, providing a small bonus absorption. 

Minis stack with other shield items like Shield Potions or Slurp Juices to restore shields faster.

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Should You Carry Minis or Big Pots?

Big Pots are larger Shield Potions that restore 50 shield points. The choice between carrying Minis or Big Pots often comes down to inventory management and gameplay style. Minis take up less inventory space since you can carry up to 6 at once, making them great for topping up shields frequently.

However, Big Pots restore more shields per slot. For players who prefer to reserve inventory for offensive items, a couple Big Pots may be preferable to multiple Minis. Aggressive players pushing enemies may want the larger shield restores of Big Pots, while more defensive players may appreciate Minis' quicker consumption time. Ultimately, both have their merits depending on the situation.

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