What is Storm Sickness in Fortnite?

storm sickness fortnite
storm sickness fortnite

Storm Sickness is a mechanic in Fortnite that affects players who remain in the storm for extended periods, as it manifests as a debuff that gradually increases in severity the longer a player stays in the storm. The initial symptoms include reduced movement speed and the inability to use healing items. As the condition worsens, players begin to take continuous damage, which increases over time.

How has Storm Sickness changed Fortnite's gameplay?

Fortnite Storm Sickness, introduced in Chapter 3, Season 3, has significantly altered gameplay dynamics, as this mechanic discourages players from exploiting the storm for tactical advantages, leading to more engaging battles within the safe zone. 

It has eliminated "storm tanking" strategies, where players would hide in the storm and rely on healing items to survive. Now, players must be more strategic about their positioning and rotate into the circle earlier, resulting in more frequent encounters and faster-paced matches. 

The endgame has become more dynamic and unpredictable, as everyone is forced to confront each other within the shrinking safe zone. Overall, Storm Sickness in Fortnite has added a new layer of strategy to Fortnite, making storm management a crucial skill for victory and ensuring that the battle royale remains centered around active engagement rather than passive survival tactics.

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How Long Does it Take to Get Storm Sickness?

The exact time it takes to contract Storm Sickness in Fortnite isn't explicitly stated in the game, as it's designed to be a dynamic mechanic that keeps players on their toes. Generally, players can spend a short amount of time in the storm without immediately getting sick, allowing for brief tactical maneuvers or last-minute escapes. 

However, lingering in the storm for an extended period, typically more than a minute or two, significantly increases the risk of contracting Fortnite Storm Sickness. The onset can also vary depending on factors like the current storm phase and how far into the match the game has progressed. Epic Games likely keeps this timing somewhat ambiguous to prevent players from trying to exploit specific time limits.

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Can Storm Sickness in Fortnite be Cured?

Storm Sickness can be cured by leaving the storm and entering the safe zone. Once a player is back in the circle, the debuff is removed, and normal gameplay resumes. However, if a player re-enters the storm shortly after, the Storm Sickness may progress more rapidly than before.

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