What does Acid Lab do in GTA 5?

acid lab definition
acid lab definition

Acid Lab in GTA 5 is a mobile drug manufacturing business introduced as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update. It allows players to produce and sell acid, a new type of illicit substance, for substantial profits. 

The Acid Lab operates out of a specially modified MTL Brickade 6x6 truck, combining elements of drug production and distribution into a mobile criminal enterprise.

How to get Acid Lab in GTA 5?

To start an Acid Lab, players must complete a series of setup missions known as the First Dose Dax Contact Missions. These missions involve acquiring the necessary equipment and supplies to outfit the MTL Brickade 6x6 truck with drug manufacturing capabilities. 

After updating the game, you'll receive a call from Ron Jakowski about new gang activity in Sandy Shores. Head to Ace Liquors store in Blaine County, marked with an 'R' on your map, to start the first mission, "Welcome to the Troupe." This introduces you to the Fooliganz gang and kicks off the series.

The remaining five missions can be accessed at the Freak Shop in Los Santos, marked with a 'D' for Dax. These missions include "Designated Driver," "Fatal Incursion," "Uncontrolled Substance," "Make War not Love," and "Off the Rails."

After completing these missions, players must undertake one final task in freeroam mode. This involves raiding a warehouse to acquire the necessary equipment to convert the Brickade 6x6 into a fully functional Acid Lab.

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How Expensive is the Acid Lab Bussiness?

The primary expense for the Acid Lab is the installation fee. After acquiring the Brickade 6x6 truck through the First Dose missions, you'll need to pay GTA$ 750,000 to install the necessary lab equipment. However, this fee is waived for GTA+ subscribers, making it a potentially significant saving for those with the subscription.

While not mandatory, upgrading the Acid Lab's equipment is highly recommended for maximizing profits. This upgrade costs GTA$250,000. Though it's an additional expense, it significantly increases the value of the product, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run.

To keep the GTA Acid Lab running, players will need to purchase supplies regularly. Each batch of supplies costs GTA$60,000, and you typically need three batches to reach full stock.

If we add up the initial setup cost and the recommended equipment upgrade, the total comes to GTA$1,000,000 (GTA$750,000 + GTA$250,000). For GTA+ subscribers, this total would be GTA$ 250,000 due to the waived setup fee.

It's important to note that while the initial cost may seem high, the Acid Lab can be quite profitable once operational. A full stock of products with upgraded equipment can sell for GTA$335,200, compared to GTA$237,500 without upgrades, allowing you to recoup your investment relatively quickly with consistent operation.

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Risks and Rewards of the GTA Acid Lab

The Acid Lab in GTA Online offers a unique blend of risk and reward. As a mobile operation, it allows players to produce and sell acid for substantial profits while evading detection. Players can choose between quick local sales or larger, riskier shipments for greater rewards.

The lab's mobile nature is a key advantage, allowing relocation to avoid detection. It operates independently from other businesses and comes with a Manchez Scout C motorcycle for deliveries. Selling in public sessions offers higher profits but also increases risk, as potential threats include attacks from other players and NPC law enforcement raids.

Financially, the Acid Lab requires an initial investment and ongoing costs. Each batch of supplies costs GTA$60,000, with typically three batches needed for full stock, and already mentioned equipment upgrade to increase efficiency.

Success in the Acid Lab business requires careful management of production, sales, and security. While the potential profits are significant, players must always be prepared for interference. With strategic planning, the GTA Acid Lab can become a lucrative part of a player's GTA Online criminal empire. Balancing the risks and rewards is key to maximizing profits from this illicit venture.

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