League of Legends: What is Run it down?

Run it down Definition
Run it down Definition

Run it down is term used in League of Legends to describe a player who is intentionally dying and feeding the enemy team. It's a form of griefing or trolling, where the player deliberately sabotages their team's chances of winning. This behavior is considered unsportsmanlike and can result in penalties or bans from the game. Players who "run it down" often do so out of frustration or to ruin the game for their teammates.

Why do Players Int by Running it Down?

There are several potential reasons why a player might engage in the toxic behavior of "running it down" or intentionally feeding and inting. Frustration and tilt are common reasons, as a player who is performing poorly or experiencing a losing streak may lash out by intentionally throwing the game. 

Some players may also "run it down" as a form of retaliation against teammates they perceive as trolling or playing poorly. In rare cases, players may do it for personal amusement, deriving pleasure from ruining the game for others. However, some players may "run it down" in an attempt to intentionally lose games and manipulate their rank or matchmaking rating.

How to deal with "Running it down"?

If you find yourself in a game where a teammate is intentionally feeding or "running it down", it's important to remain calm and avoid escalating the situation further. Report the offending player's behavior through the in-game reporting system, but don't engage in retaliatory actions or toxic behavior yourself.

Encourage your other teammates to play on and focus on their own performance, as getting tilted or giving up is exactly what the griefer wants. If the game seems unwinnable, accept the loss and move on to the next match. While dealing with trolls is frustrating, maintaining composure and continuing to play your best is the healthiest way to cope.

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