What is Hypercharge in Brawl Stars?

hypercharge definition
hypercharge definition

Hypercharge in Brawl Stars is a special and powerful ability that certain Brawlers possess for a limited time. When a Brawler with Hypercharge lands successful attacks, their Super ability's speed, damage, and shield stats are increased. This enables them to unleash their powerful Super move more frequently during battles, although the buff value differs depending on the Brawler.

As of June 2024, 24 brawlers possess the Hypercharge in Brawl Stars. Some of the notable ones include Shelly, Colt, Bull, Jessie, Nita, Dynamike, and Tick. These Brawlers can charge their Super abilities faster by dealing damage to enemies or enemy structures.  

How to get a Hypercharge in Brawl Stars?

Players can obtain Hypercharge in Brawl Stars through various methods. First of all, players can unlock Shelly’s ‘Double Barrel’ Hypercharge for free when they hit 1,000 Trophies for the first time. Another way is to purchase special offers from the in-game shop, such as Collector's Packs, Hyperdeals, or limited-time deals, which include new Hypercharge abilities for a few Brawlers every update along with cosmetic items, but these offers typically require the use of premium currencies like Coins or Gems.

Alternatively, players can directly purchase Hypercharge abilities from a Brawler's page once that Brawler reaches Power Level 11, using 5,000 Coins as payment. This option is more accessible for free-to-play players but requires grinding to accumulate the necessary Coins. 

However, there is a chance to randomly receive Hypercharge abilities through Legendary Starr Drops, although the odds are relatively low. During special events like "Hypercharge Unleashed," the chances of obtaining Hypercharge in Brawl Stars through event-specific Starr Drops may increase temporarily.

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How to use Hypercharge? 

Players can activate Hypercharge in Brawl Stars by pressing the purple icon, which then makes it so the powered-up Brawler is surrounded by impressive purple flames and lightning. It's important to make the best of the Hypercharge while it's active, as it will require recharging once it's over.

To effectively use Hypercharge, players should focus on engaging in combat and consistently dealing damage to enemy Brawlers or structures. This will allow them to charge their Super ability faster than usual. After the Super is charged, players can unleash it at an opportune moment to gain a tactical advantage. This can involve dealing massive damage, stunning enemies, or providing support to teammates.   

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