What is Dragon in League of Legends?

Dragon Definition
Dragon Definition

The term "dragon" refers to powerful neutral monsters located on the lower side of the Summoner's Rift map, specifically in the Dragon Pit near the river. The dragon is a key objective in the game, and teams often compete for its control due to the significant advantages it provides. There are several types of dragons, each offering different buffs upon defeat:

Infernal Drake: Grants a buff that increases the team's attack damage and ability power, enhancing their overall damage output.

Ocean Drake: Provides a buff that enhances health and mana regeneration, particularly effective out of combat.

Cloud Drake: Offers a buff that increases movement speed, aiding in map navigation and positioning in fights.

Mountain Drake: Gives a buff that enhances damage against objectives and turrets, aiding in securing objectives and sieging.

Chemtech Drake: Enhances tenacity and the power of healing and shielding effects.  

Hextech Drake: Boosts ability haste and attack speed.  

Elder Dragon: The most important drake in the game - appears later in the game, replacing the other dragons. Defeating the Elder Dragon grants a powerful buff that significantly enhances combat abilities, including an execution effect on low-health enemies. The strength of this buff is increased for each elemental drake slain by the team.  

Securing dragons is a strategic priority, as the buffs they provide can offer significant advantages throughout the game. Teams often contest dragon control, leading to pivotal team fights around the Dragon Pit.

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