League of Legends: What is Roam?

Roam Definition
Roam Definition

Roam in League of Legends is when a player leaves their lane, typically a support or a mid-laner, to assist other lanes or secure objectives. Roaming is a basic strategy that can have a big impact on the game by creating advantages for your team, such as applying pressure, improving vision, or setting up ganks in different parts of the map.

What is the point of Roaming?

The purpose of roaming in League of Legends is to create opportunities for your team across the map. Below we listed the benefits of roaming for you:

  • Map Pressure: When a player roams, it puts pressure on the opposing team to be more cautious. The roamer could appear at any time and influence the game's outcome.
  • Ganking Opportunities: Players can use roaming to coordinate ganks on enemy laners. This can help them secure kills or force enemies to use their summoner spells.
  • Objective Control: Roaming can assist the team in controlling areas connected to objectives such as Voidgrubs, Dragons, or Rift Herald, making it easier for their team to secure them.

How to Roam in LoL?

When you roam, you should look for opportunities to roam when your lane is pushed or after winning a trade. Before roaming, ensure that you have vision control in the area you're heading to, and communicate your intentions with your team. When roaming, look for potential opportunities in other lanes. Prioritize ganking lanes that are overextended or have summoner spells down. Coordinate with your teammates for crowd control and burst damage to secure kills or force enemies to back off. Effective roaming requires map awareness, game sense, and synergy with your team. 

Support Roaming Tips

Support Roaming Tips
Support Roaming Tips

As a support, roaming can be a game-changing strategy if executed properly. Before leaving your lane to roam, make sure your ADC is in a safe position during laning phase and won't be vulnerable to dives or all-ins. The best time to roam is after a successful trade when the wave is pushed toward the enemy tower, or when the enemy bot laners recall. 

Maintain a good vision with deep wards in the enemy's jungle to see the potential gank paths and keep track of the enemy jungler's location. While roaming, path through brushes and avoid face-checking to prevent getting caught out. Prioritize roaming to lanes where your presence can swing fights, such as a volatile mid-lane or an overextended top-laner.

Communicate your roams clearly with pings and chat to coordinate with your teammates. Play with your jungler and midlaner to set up successful ganks. Focus on securing key objectives and help your team gain control over important parts of the map.

Remember that the goal is to be efficient when moving around. Get back to your lane as soon as possible to keep supporting your ADC and putting pressure on the enemy bot lane. By doing this, you can roam effectively as a support, creating chances for your team and making a contribution to your team's overall success.

Midlane Roaming Tips

Midlane Roaming Tips
Midlane Roaming Tips

As a midlaner, make sure you push the wave to the enemy tower before roaming. This will help you avoid losing farm and experience while you're away from the lane.

Remember to keep an eye on other lanes and where the enemy jungler is. If you see a chance to help your teammates or secure a kill, go for it. Being aware of the game lets you know when it's the best time to leave your lane.

Also, make sure to control your vision by using control wards and trinkets. Secure vision in the river and enemy jungle so you and your team can move around safely and make more informed decisions.

Communication with your team is vital. Inform your teammates of your intention to roam by pinging your movements. Coordinate with your laners and jungler to set up effective ganks, ensuring your allies are ready to follow up on your engage.

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