What does Gank mean in Legaue of Legends?

Gank Definition
Gank Definition

A gank in LoL is a surprise attack by one or more players on an enemy who is not expecting it, usually in a lane, and typically done by the jungler or roaming support. The goal is to gain an advantage in the lane or across the map.

Is Ganking Still Important in S14?

Yes, ganking is still important, and it stays the most basic tactic to create pressure on the map. 

Players often secure kills and collect the player’s bounties in this way. But it has to be timed up correctly as you cannot expect a successful gank without proper minion wave. That is another reason why players Freeze their lanes.

Typically junglers do ganks. They are using the fog of war, and engage or stealth abilities to surprise the enemies.

How to gank in S14 League of Legends 2024?

Typically junglers do ganks, but this strategy is of course not limited only to that role, so below we have presented guide on how to gank on every role.

How to gank as a Mid Laner?

How to gank as a midlaner lol
How to gank as a midlaner lol
  1. Clear Minions, Then Roam: Make sure your minion wave is pushed forward before you leave to gank.
  2. Choose the Right Time: Gank when the enemy is weak, missing, or if you're ahead.
  3. Control the River: Put wards in the river and clear enemy wards to move around safely.

How to Gank as a Jungler?

How to gank as a jungler lol
How to gank as a jungler lol
  1. Plan Your Route: Choose a path or full clear that ends near lanes where you can easily gank.
  2. Deny Enemy Vision: Use tools to remove enemy wards so they can’t see you coming.
  3. Talk to Your Team: Let your team know when you’re coming so they can help.

How to Gank as a Top Laner?

How to gank as a toplaner lol
How to gank as a toplaner lol
  1. Push First, Then Leave: Make sure your minions are close to the enemy tower before you go to gank. This means you lose fewer minions.
  2. Sneaky Paths: Use ways that the enemy might not have warded to surprise them.
  3. Work with Jungler: Try to gank at the same time as your jungler for a better chance of success.

How to Gank as a Bot Laner?

How to gank as a botlaner lol
How to gank as a botlaner lol
  1. Watch the Map: Keep an eye on the map to see where you can help or if you need to be careful.
  2. Manage Your Minions: Make sure your minions are in a good spot before you think about leaving lane.
  3. Talk to Your Support: Let your support know if you're ready to fight or need to play it safe.

How to Gank as a Support?

How to gank as a support lol
How to gank as a support lol
  1. Roaming: Leave lane to help others when your ADC is safe and won’t get hurt.
  2. Wards Are Key: Use wards to see more of the map and remove enemy wards.
  3. Use Your Abilities: If you have skills that can CC or slow enemies, use them to help your team get kills.

Ganking Tips in Season 14

  • Roaming Champions: Some of the champions are designed specifically to gank or roam like Pyke, Bard, Kayn, or Kassadin, so consider using them if you want to practice ganking in your games.
  • Timing: Effective ganks require good timing. This could mean attacking when an enemy has low health, or when their flash or escape abilities are on cooldown.
  • Vision Control: Vision control is crucial for successful ganking. Warding enemy paths can provide warnings of incoming early ganks, and denying enemy vision can make your ganks more effective.

Successful ganks can lead to a snowball effect, where the ganked lane gains a significant advantage, potentially leading taking further objectives like turrets, dragons or Baron.

Ganking is a skillful blend of aggression and strategy. It plays a crucial role in shifting the balance of lanes and can significantly influence the outcome of a game.

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