What is Baron in League of Legends?

Baron Definition
Baron Definition

Baron Nashor is one of the most important objectives in League of Legends. This powerful neutral monster spawns in the Baron Pit on the upper side of Summoner's Rift, emerging at 20 minutes into a match. Defeating Baron grants the living members of a team the Hand of Baron buff for 3 minutes, providing substantial boosts in power.

Hand of Baron Buff Explained

The Hand of Baron buff gives increased attack damage, ability power, recall speed, and an aura that empowers nearby minions. With these bonuses, a team can siege turrets more easily, overwhelm enemies in fights, and rapidly push objectives. This makes slaying Baron a potential game-winning moment.

Because of this, teams will dance around Baron, watching for the right opportunity to secure it when they have an advantage. The opposing team must in turn try to contest it by forcing their foes away from Baron or stealing it out from under them. The pit becomes a hotbed of vision wars and baiting plays as teams vie for the monster's power.

How to Secure Baron in League of Legends?

When your team wants to take Baron, make sure you have vision of the whole enemy team far away first. Do not start attacking Baron if you don't see the enemies or they could be near. Have your jungler tank Baron since they have the items and stats for it. 

Other teammates should stand behind so Baron's attacks don't hit them. Use smite properly to secure Baron, timing it for under 900/1200 health (based on your current smite upgrade) so you get the last hit. Do not smite too early. Save your stuns, roots, silences and other crowd control skills in case enemies show up to try to steal Baron. Buy control wards to make the Baron pit dark for the enemies and remove any of their vision wards.

Be ready to stop attacking Baron and turn to fight if you need to. Some champs should watch for enemies instead of attacking. Don't let your health get too low, back off and heal up if you need to, it's better to reset than risk dying to Baron. After you get Baron, push objectives fast as five or split push side lanes if you are very strong. Use the Hand of Baron Buff to quickly break turrets and inhibitors. Securing Baron requires good vision, coordination, and patience. Only start it with the proper setup and escape plans. Getting Baron can win games if you use the buff properly after slaying it.

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