What is CC (Crowd Control) in LoL?

CC Definition
CC Definition

CC (Crowd Control) in League of Legends refers to abilities that temporarily reduce or remove an enemy champion's ability to fight back or move around freely. Champions with strong CC abilities are extremely useful for gaining advantages in fights, picking off enemies, and engaging or disengaging on their terms.

Types of CC

  • Airborne - Champion is unable to control their movement, attack, abilities, or do anything else for the duration.
  • Blind - The champion's attacks miss for a duration. Does not affect abilities or movement.
  • Cripple - Champion has reduced attack speed for the duration. Still able to move and use abilities.
  • Disarm - Champion loses the ability to perform basic attacks for the duration.
  • Forced Action - Champion is forced to do a specific action for the duration (berserk, fear, charm, flee)
  • Ground - Champion is unable to activate movement abilities or dashes. Normal movement unaffected.
  • Kinematics - Champion affected by kinematics is dragged to a unit or location.
  • Nearsight - Champion's vision range is reduced significantly for the duration.
  • Root - Champion is unable to control their movement or move at all for the duration. Attacks/abilities are still possible.
  • Silence - Champion cannot use abilities for the duration. Does not affect movement, attacking, or summoner spells.
  • Polymorph - Champion is transformed and loses ability to attack, use summoner spells and champion abilities.
  • Drowsy - Champion falls asleep after a short delay, stunning them temporarily.
  • Sleep - Champion is unable to move or act for the duration of the effect.
  • Slow - Champion's movement speed is reduced for the duration.
  • Stasis - Champions in stasis cannot perform any actions but cannot be targeted by anything as well.
  • Stun - Champion cannot move, attack, cast abilities or use summoner spells at all for the duration.
  • Suspension - Champion is unable to control their movement and rendered unable to act for the duration.
  • Suppression - Suppressed Champions are unable to control their movement, declare attacks, cast abilities, activate items, or use any summoner spell for the duration. Suppression cannot be removed by Cleanse summoner spell.

What is CC Score?

CC score (Crowd control score) refers to the total duration of crowd control effects that a champion's basic abilities provide. It was introduced as a stat to help quantify a champion's overall crowd control capabilities from their regular kit. Some key things to know about crowd control score:

  • Only the duration of a champion's basic abilities counts, not their ultimate. Passive CC effects also don't get included.
  • If an ability has multiple CC effects, their durations stack for determining score. For example, a 2 second stun plus 1.5 second slow would count as 3.5 seconds CC.
  • CC duration from ability upgrades and ability ranks are included. So if an ability stuns for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds, that champ's CC score would be the max 2 seconds.

The CC score stat helps players evaluate champions for the utility they can provide from disables. High CC score champs excel at engages, ganks, peels etc through their reliable access to crowd control effects.

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