What is Full Clear in League of Legends?

Full Clear Definition
Full Clear Definition

A "full clear" refers to a Jungler's route where he kills every monster in the allied jungle before moving on to ganking or securing Dragons. This is the safest approach to gaining the gold, because the objectives are often contested in the jungle, and taking it solo often comes from mindlessness. Ganking also comes with the risk of being killed by an enemy, full clear on the other hand gives you the ability to get gold from riskless monster camps.

Characteristics of a Full Clear:

  • Efficiency: A full clear is often about efficiently moving through the jungle to kill all the camps in a single route, minimizing downtime and maximizing resource gain.
  • Champion Suitability: Not all junglers are equally suited for a full clear. It is more viable for champions with good area-of-effect damage and sustain, who can quickly and effectively clear multiple camps without losing too much health.
  • Strategic Implications: Full clear will slightly delay the jungler's impact on lanes in terms of early ganks, but it can provide a level and gold advantage in the jungle matchup.
  • Trade-offs: The decision to full clear has to be thought through because of the needs of your team. While it can provide a strong individual advantage, it may leave lanes without early support against enemy gankers.
  • Adaptability: Experienced junglers will adapt their route based on the game's flow, sometimes opting for a full clear and other times prioritizing ganks or objectives over completing every camp.

Below you can see the Example of Full Clear in Season 14

The decision to go for a full clear every jungler has to make for themselves. Most of the high elo junglers are doing it every game and interrupting it only when a teammate needs immediate help, because otherwise they are losing the tempo.

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