What is AoE in League of Legends?

AoE Definition
AoE Definition

AoE in League of Legends means Area of Effect. This refers to champion abilities that affect multiple targets at once in a specific range rather than only hitting one enemy. AoE spells allow you to damage, crowd control, or otherwise impact several opponents with a single cast.

Types of AoE 

Now that you know what AoE is in League of Legends, it is time that you understand what are the types of AoE:

Chain AoE

Chain AoE bounces between targets, jumping from one enemy to another within range. Examples include Bard's Cosmic Binding and Miss Fortune's Double Up. Chains allow hitting multiple spread out enemies but are limited by range.

Conic AoE

Conic AoEs originate in a cone shape from the caster, ideal for hitting grouped enemies. Examples are Cassiopeia's Petrifying Gaze and Rumble's Flamespitter. Cones deliver strong front-loaded damage but require enemies to be positioned correctly.

Ground AoE

Ground AoEs create effect zones on the ground itself. Examples include Trundle's Frozen Domain and Viktor's Gravity Field. Ground AoEs control areas and persist but can be avoided.

Linear AoE

Linear skillshots fire in a line to hit enemies. Examples are Vel'Koz's Life Form Disintegration Ray and Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage. Line AoEs have long range but can be dodged.

Point Blank AoE

Point blank AoEs burst around the caster themselves. Examples are Amumu's Despair and Wukong's Cyclone. Point blank effects ensure close-range damage but require being in the thick of combat.

Splash AoE

Splash AoEs deal damage around primary hit targets. Examples are Ivern's Triggerseed and Karma's Inner Flame. Splashes spread effects from focus targets but have limited range.

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