What is Flash in League of Legends?

Flash Definition
Flash Definition

Flash is a summoner spell that allows a champion to teleport a short distance instantly. It is the most popular and versatile summoner spell in "League of Legends" due to its potential for both aggressive engages and defensive escapes, and it’s a no-brainer choice for most players.

Why do people use Flash in LoL?

  • Repositioning: In late-game teamfights where the positioning (especially for ADCs) is key, having or not having flash can often decide the entire match outcome, It is crucial for dodging enemy abilities, engaging, or disengaging from fights.
  • Engage and Escape Tool: It's widely used for engaging enemy champions, especially for those with powerful initiation abilities like Leona. Conversely, it's equally valuable for escaping from mentioned initiations from the enemy.
  • Combination with Abilities: Many champions can combine Flash with their abilities for unexpected plays, like Flash + Kassadin R or Flash + Lux Q for instant CC.
  • Very Universal: Almost every champion can benefit from Flash due to its utility, regardless of their role or playstyle.

In summary, Flash is the most universal summoner spell in LoL because you can use it in every scenario and its good for escaping or surprising enemies. If used correctly, often plays a key role in the results of 1v1's and (in the late game) entire matches.

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