Boost Royal Overview: Is BoostRoyal Trusted?

By Neo
Boost Royal Overview: Is BoostRoyal Trusted?

Boostroyal has been a prominent name in Elo Boosting since 2014, giving them over a decade of experience. However, while they were once considered a top platform, other websites like GameBoost have started to overtake them.

Is Boostroyal a Scam?

No, Boostroyal is not a scam. They are a legitimate boosting service that has been operating since 2014. While they may not be as cutting-edge or highly rated as some newer services, Boostroyal has many years of experience and a track record of delivering rank boosts for customers.

While Boostroyal is not a scam, they do have concerning downsides compared to the top boosting services. Their website appears dated and unprofessional, already raising red flags. More importantly, customers frequently report problems with Boostroyal boosters being rude or trolling in chats. It's not uncommon for boosts to result in undesirable loss streaks, suggesting the platform does not vet or train their boosters well. Customers also complain about extremely slow or lack of support assistance when issues come up.

Boostroyal: Problems with Accounts

Boostroyal advertises 24/7 live chat support and promises to deliver LoL services. However, recent customer experiences exposed on Trustpilot tell a different story. Multiple reviewers have reported issues with uncommunicative sellers who fail to respond or deliver services. But even more concerning is that Boostroyal's vaunted 24/7 live chat seems powerless to assist customers when problems inevitably arise.

boostroyal trustpilot
boostroyal trustpilot

Boostroyal: Underperforming Boosters

Boostroyal is being called out as the "worst bloody company ever" according to scathing reviews that accuse them of false advertising and failing to deliver on services. One angry customer claims the company outright lied about having Challenger-tier boosters, stating the players are at best Diamond at peak.

The reviewer described attempting to purchase a simple 3 game net win boost in Diamond 4, but after 6 losses the booster still failed to complete the order. They say the booster performed worse than they themselves would have, seemingly trolling games. Despite repeatedly not delivering what was paid for, Boostroyal refused to refund or compensate the customer for the boost.

boostroyal trustpilot
boostroyal trustpilot

Boostroyal: Accounts Get Banned

Yet another angry customer exposes alleged false advertising by Boostroyal for selling botted accounts. The reviewer purchased a supposed hand leveled smurf account from Boostroyal. But upon logging in, the account was swiftly banned for botting activity.

When the customer contacted support, they were merely told to message the account operator who was away/AFK. Boostroyal's advertised hand-leveled accounts turn out to be botted. Reviews continue piling up warning customers to steer clear of Boostroyal's falsely advertised botted accounts and lack of accountability when accounts are banned. The evidence continues mounting against this company's fraudulent services, bait-and-switch tactics, and absent support.

boostroyal trustpilot
boostroyal trustpilot

Boostroyal vs. GameBoost: Which is Better?

Without a doubt, GameBoost is the superior choice over Boostroyal for players looking to boost their ranks in League of Legends. Here's a quick rundown of why GameBoost comes out on top:

  • Faster Boosting: GameBoost's handpicked challenger boosters breeze through lower elos with ease, leading to quicker order completion times. Boostroyal's boosts tend to be slower.
  • Better Communication: GameBoost provides 24/7 chat and constant progress updates during boosts. Boostroyal's chat support is spotty at best.
  • Higher Win Rates: GameBoost's 90%+ win rate means more wins and less time grinding. Boostroyal's boosters have concerning loss streaks.
  • Modern Experience: GameBoost offers a seamless customer experience with their website and support system. Boostroyal feels outdated.

When it comes to fast, reliable, and professional boosting, GameBoost is miles ahead. Their stellar reputation and glowing customer reviews speak for themselves. Don't settle for Boostroyal's outdated service model - level up with GameBoost instead!

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