Eloboost24 Overview: Is EB24 Legit?

By Neo
Eloboost24 Overview: Is EB24 Legit?

Eloboost24 (or EB24) has been in the boosting business since 2013. They're considered a trusted boosting platform. However, they aren't the best choice to buy Elo boosting from. GameBoost is your best choice if you're buying boosting services. 

Is Eloboost24 Legit?

Yes, Eloboost24 is a legitimate elo boosting service. However, while they are a valid option, Eloboost24 may not be the most ideal choice compared to other top boosting sites. 

We went through Eloboost24's Trustpilot Reviews and found some concerning reviews that is not in the favour of EloBoost24 Management. 

Eloboost24: Unprofessional Boosters

According to recent customer reviews, Eloboost24 appears to employ many unprofessional, low-skilled boosters that negatively impact the level of service. One review reported being paired with unprofessional boosters who were unable to communicate. The inability to effectively communicate or play at the appropriate skill level indicates major issues with Eloboost24's recruiting and vetting process. 

Relying on unqualified boosters severely hurts their reputation and customer satisfaction. Sites like GameBoost thoroughly screen and train all boosters to ensure they exhibit professionalism, elite gameplay, and strong communication skills. The presence of incompetent, non-English speaking boosters on Eloboost24 demonstrates a lack of quality control compared to leading elo boosting sites. Companies that fail to uphold standards with their booster pool do a disservice to their customers and will struggle to compete with higher-caliber services.

Eloboost24 Trustpilot
Eloboost24 Trustpilot

Eloboost24: Lying Support

According to customer reports, Eloboost24's support staff frequently make misleading claims to secure orders, only to ignore issues after purchase. One reviewer described asking pre-order if a booster could stream their elo boosting, and support guaranteed they would "find asap someone!" However, after placing the order, the user waited 3 days with no progress made, despite support's claims. 

This bait-and-switch tactic of making false promises pre-sale only to ignore issues post-sale demonstrates fundamental dishonesty. Quality services like GameBoost are transparent about timelines and booster availability before any purchase. Meanwhile, Eloboost24 staff seem to provide false information about boost speed and stream availability just to finalize orders.

Their support then ghosts customers once purchased. This underlying dishonesty and lack of accountability in their support staff erodes trust. Companies that mislead pre-order only to neglect issues after purchase will struggle to retain customers.

Eloboost24 Trustpilot
Eloboost24 Trustpilot

Eloboost24: Unpromising Services

According to customers, Eloboost24 frequently underdelivers on the services promised, leaving players worse off than before ordering boosts. One user described purchasing a 3 win boost that resulted in a 5 win, 4 loss record that tanked their MMR. Despite trying to clarify with staff how the boost operated, they received misleading information. This demonstrates Eloboost24 fails to properly explain their services and manage customer expectations. 

Their boosting outcomes seem to harm accounts rather than improve them. As the reviewer stated, "Very disappointing experience. Would recommend checking other services." Unlike Eloboost24, top services like GameBoost have transparency about how boosts work and only employ highly-skilled boosters that improve MMR. 

Eloboost24's habit of overpromising in their talks but underdelivering with the actual boosting service leaves customers feeling ripped off. Companies that cannot follow through on their promised services will steadily lose business to more reliable options.

Eloboost24 Trustpilot
Eloboost24 Trustpilot

Eloboost24 vs. GameBoost: Which to Choose?

When looking to purchase an elo boost, choosing the right service provider is crucial. While there are many sites offering boosts and rank improvements, the quality can vary dramatically. Two popular platforms are Eloboost24 and GameBoost. But which is the better choice for safe, fast, and reliable elo boosting service?

Booster Skill

  • Eloboost24 has less stringent screening, resulting in more accounts of unprofessional/unskilled boosters. This leads to losses and damaged accounts.
  • GameBoost thoroughly vets every booster and only accepts the top 0.5% of players. Their highly-skilled boosters achieve faster, safer rank gains.

Order Speed

  • Eloboost24 has slower average order completion speeds due to smaller booster pool.
  • GameBoost's massive booster workforce completes orders as soon as they can. The fastest in the industry.


  • Eloboost24 tends to have higher base pricing than competitors.
  • GameBoost offers some of the lowest prices in boosting matched with frequent sales and coupons.

Customer Support

  • Eloboost24 is reported to have slow, dishonest support that ghosts after purchases are complete.
  • GameBoost provides 24/7 real-time chat and email support and is known for transparency.

Account Safety

  • Eloboost24 has less safeguards in place to protect accounts, putting accounts at higher risk.
  • GameBoost uses industry-leading security to protect account details and maintain high win rates.

When comparing the key factors like skills, speed, pricing, and safety - GameBoost clearly outperforms Eloboost24 in nearly every category. Customers receive faster, cheaper service with less risk when choosing the more modern, customer-focused GameBoost over the outdated model of Eloboost24.

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