GGBoost Overview: Is GGBoost Legit?

By Muhammad
GGBoost Overview: Is GGBoost Legit?

GGBoost is a real boosting service, so in that sense, they are "legit." However, just because a site is real does not necessarily mean that it provides quality services. 

Is GGBoost a Scam?

GGBoost is not a scam site. However, there are some better options that customers should consider, such as GameBoost. Let's talk about some of the concerning reviews out there about GGBoost that highlight why other services may be preferable.

GGBoost Review: Long Wait Time

GGBoost Review
GGBoost Review

Based on the customer's review, it appears that the boosting service provided by GGBoost was unsatisfactory. The customer expressed their frustration with the long waiting times, which ranged from 12 hours to 3 days, just to be assigned a booster. Furthermore, even after being assigned a booster, the customer encountered issues where the booster refused to play the primary role requested and instead only performed the secondary role.

To summarize, the customer's experience with GGBoost's boosting service was disappointing due to the extensive wait times and the lack of cooperation from the assigned boosters, who did not fulfill their primary responsibilities. This review highlights the customer's dissatisfaction with the quality of service provided by GGBoost, which could serve as a valuable reference for potential customers seeking reliable boosting services.

GGBoost Review: Mediocre Boosters

GGBoost Review
GGBoost Review

This is another negative trustpilot review that highlights significant issues with the boosting services provided by GGBoost. The customer's experience was deeply unsatisfactory, and their concerns should be taken seriously.

The customer's primary complaint revolves around the difficulty in getting a booster assigned to their account. Contrary to the website's claims of a 5-minute waiting time, the customer faced substantial delays in getting a booster, suggesting that GGBoost's advertising may be misleading.

Furthermore, the customer expressed disappointment with the skill level of the assigned booster. Despite being advertised as a high-elo player (potentially Master tier), the booster's performance was subpar, losing 15 out of 20 games. This outcome was the opposite of the customer's expectations, as they had hired the boosting service to climb from Emerald 1 to Diamond 4. Instead, the booster's poor gameplay resulted in the customer's rank dropping to Emerald 4, negatively impacting their matchmaking rating (MMR) and leading to more challenging matchups in the future.

Additionally, the customer reported that the support team at GGBoost did not adequately address their concerns, providing only standard responses that did not resolve the issues they faced.

In light of this review, it is evident that GGBoost's boosting services failed to meet the customer's expectations in terms of wait times, booster skill level, and support. The customer's strong recommendation to "avoid this site" serves as a warning to potential customers to exercise caution when considering GGBoost's services to prevent similar frustrating experiences.

GGBoost Review: No Refunds!

GGBoost Review
GGBoost Review

Despite paying for a premium express service, which is typically advertised as providing faster service, the customer had to wait an unreasonable 17 hours before their order was eventually canceled. It is unclear whether the customer received any prior notification or explanation for the cancellation, but the lack of timely service is a significant issue.

Instead of refunding the customer's payment, GGBoost credited the amount to the customer's account, essentially forcing them to place a new order. Adding insult to injury, the customer discovered that the same service now costs €4 more than their original payment. This price increase, coupled with the inability to receive a refund, likely compounded the customer's frustration and dissatisfaction with GGBoost's services.

GGBoost vs. GameBoost: Which is Better?

While GGBoost has faced numerous issues such as excessive wait times, misleading advertising, subpar booster performance, poor customer support, and a lack of accountability – leading to frustrated customers and damaged reputations – GameBoost has maintained an excellent track record.

According to the reviews, GameBoost consistently delivers reliable boosting services, employs skilled and competent boosters, provides efficient support, and upholds transparency in their operations. These factors have contributed to GameBoost's positive reputation and high customer satisfaction.

Unlike GGBoost, which has received overwhelmingly negative feedback, GameBoost has received very good reviews from its customers, praising the quality of their services and overall boosting experience.

There is no need for caution or concern about recommending GameBoost based on the information provided. The reviews and customer feedback clearly indicate that GameBoost is the superior choice between the two boosting websites.

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