Is Tapin Legit? The Undercover Boosting Service

By Muhammad
Is Tapin Legit? The Undercover Boosting Service

If you're wondering if is legit, the short answer is - Yes, is a legitimate boosting website. Even though are far behind if we compare them with GameBoost.

However, there are many concerns about They advertise themselves as a "teammate service" when realistically, they offer the same exact services as boosting. 

What is Tapin.GG? is a new website that offers boosting services for online games. However, they claim their service is just providing skilled 'teammates' to play alongside customers, which demonstrates dishonest marketing tactics and undermines their credibility.

Is Tapin.GG a Scam?

No, does not appear to be an outright scam. While their marketing language around providing "teammates" rather than direct boosting services is somewhat ambiguous, as long as they are actually delivering the service they claim to offer, they would not be considered a scam. has some concerning reviews, let's take a look at them. 

Tapin Review: Service That Wastes Your Money Review Review

The customer's review paints a scathing picture of their experience with's services. They label it outright as a "waste of money and time", indicating deep dissatisfaction. The core issue cited was the poor conduct and performance of their assigned "duo" or teammate.

Out of 5 games played, the duo intentionally fed kills to the enemy and engaged in toxic verbal abuse in 2 of them. Despite this, the customer was only refunded for 3 of the 5 games, leaving them with partial refunds they couldn't fully utilize. Moving on to a subsequent game with a different assigned partner, the experience was more of the same - the duo performed poorly, ultimately abandoning the game early, and even taking over the customer's preferred in-game role without permission. 

Understandably frustrated, the customer strongly recommends others to avoid entirely and instead utilize traditional boosting sites. This paints a picture of a service that utterly failed to deliver quality teammates, with behavior directly counter to the intended purpose, resulting in a complete waste of money and time for this customer.

Tapin Review: Bad Teammates Review Review

This customer also had an overwhelmingly negative experience with's boosting services. They describe the assigned "tapin boosters" as being hardstuck around Master tier in ranked play, meaning players who have plateaued and cannot advance beyond that skill level. For customers seeking boosting above the Diamond 4 rank tier, these Master-level teammates are deemed no better than average random solo queue players.

The review states that even when paired with teammates who claimed to be Challenger, the highest tier, they went 0-8 playing on a Diamond account - an abysmal win rate. The customer expresses disgust at how poorly these alleged top-tier players performed.

The costs are highlighted as excessive - $11 per game - made all the worse by consistently losing games and having the "worst experience" while using The review closes with a strong declaration that the customer will never use the platform again if ranking above Diamond 4, and advises no one else to either.

Overall, the main criticisms are that provided teammates who grossly underperformed relative to their claimed ranks, could not effectively boost higher elo accounts, and delivered an extremely poor quality of gameplay and experience - making the service fees feel like a complete waste of money.

Tapin Review: Mediocre Coaching Services Review Review

This customer's review raises major red flags and concerns about the quality and legitimacy of's coaching services. Across multiple paid coaching sessions, the customer began to doubt whether the coaches possessed the high level of expertise and game knowledge they claimed to have.

The review implies that the coaches are Diamond-ranked players pretending to be of much higher Grandmaster+ skill level, misrepresenting their true abilities. Furthermore, the coaches displayed extremely poor attitudes - being condescending, raising their voices, and showing frustration when the customer did not play exactly as the coaches envisioned rather than providing constructive guidance.

On top of dubious micro-level advice, the coaches are also criticized for making extremely poor strategic macro decisions during gameplay. 

Ultimately, the customer describes the overall  Tapin coaching experience as "completely uncomfortable" across sessions. They assert that a customer could likely receive coaching of equivalent quality by simply asking a random Diamond-level player to co-pilot - gravely undermining the supposed value proposition of's paid services. Adding to the issues, there is an apparent lack of transparency as's website does not provide any profiles allowing customers to verify the credentials of the coaches. This paints a very troubling picture of coaching services that fail to deliver on their promises of top expertise, instead providing an underwhelming and unpleasant experience with coaches of questionable skill.

Tapin vs. GameBoot: Which to Choose?

GameBoost comes across as the superior and more trustworthy option compared to when it comes to boosting services.

GameBoost is fully transparent about the services they offer, without engaging in any false advertising or misrepresentation. This is a major plus, as transparency and honesty are crucial for building credibility.

GameBoost has a better overall reputation and doesn't have the same types of negative customer reviews citing issues like subpar boosters, inaccurate coaching, unprofessional attitudes, etc. that have plagued By being upfront about what they provide, GameBoost is actually able to consistently deliver the services as advertised without falling short of expectations or making exaggerated claims.

Based on the customer reviews we've discussed, appears to struggle with providing quality boosters/coaches, lives up to far less than their marketing claims, and has garnered a shakier reputation among customers.

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