Why is Blue Side better in League of Legends?

Blue Side Definition
Blue Side Definition

In LoL, the Blue side refers to the team whose base is located in the bottom-left corner of Summoner's Rift, the game's main map. The Blue side in League of Legends is often considered stronger by the community, and we will talk about why it is perceived as such.

Why is Blue Side Stronger than Red Side?

Players have noticed that the Blue side seems to have some small advantages over the Red side. This isn't just something people think; there are real reasons for it. We're going to look at why the Blue side might be a bit better.

  • Camera Angle: The game's default camera angle favors the Blue side. This is because the camera is slightly skewed, providing players on the Blue side with a clearer view of the action, especially towards the center and bottom of the map. This can make skill shot abilities and map awareness slightly easier on the Blue side.
  • Dragon Control: In the early to mid-game, control over the Dragon pit is crucial. The Dragon pit is located closer to the Blue side, potentially giving them quicker access and more control over this key objective. This can lead to strategic advantages in terms of buff acquisition and gold income.
  • Lane Allocation: The asymmetry of the map means that the duo lane (Bot lane) for Blue side is closer to the Dragon, which can affect how teams prioritize and allocate resources in the early game. This proximity can lead to better dragon control and early game advantages.
  • Jungle Pathing and Ganking: The layout of the jungle and the positions of the lanes can influence jungle pathing and ganking strategies. Some junglers may find more efficient or safer routes on the Blue side, impacting the early game dynamics.
  • Statistical Tendencies: Historically, there have been instances where statistical data showed a slight win rate advantage for the Blue side. This has been attributed to a combination of the factors mentioned above.

Don't forget, winning in League of Legends is mostly about how well you work with your team and how good you are at playing. So, keep these ideas in mind when you play, and enjoy your next game, whether you're on the Blue side or the Red side!

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