What is Dash in League of Legends?

Dash Definition
Dash Definition

Dash is a type of champion ability that allows a champion to quickly move or 'dash' a certain distance in a specified direction. This movement can be used for various purposes such as engaging in combat, escaping from enemies, or navigating around the map. Unlike blinks or teleports, which transport the champion instantaneously, dashes involve physical movement through space, allowing for interactions with other abilities and effects.

The Most Powerful Dashes in LoL

In this segment, we'll discuss the most powerful dashes in 'League of Legends'. Even if you're unfamiliar with their names, you've likely seen them in-game, as these abilities are incredibly popular in LoL.

  • Nocturne's “Paranoia” 
Nocturne's “Paranoia”
Nocturne's “Paranoia”
  • Hecarim's “Onslaught of Shadows”
Hecarim's “Onslaught of Shadows”
Hecarim's “Onslaught of Shadows”
  • Zed's “Death Mark”
Zed's “Death Mark”
Zed's “Death Mark”
  • Malphite's “Unstoppable Force”
Malphite's “Unstoppable Force”
Malphite's “Unstoppable Force”

Now that we've highlighted the most popular dashes in LoL, let's explore the different types. While not every dash works in the same way, they share enough similarities to be categorized into groups.

Dash Types

Auto-targeted Dashes

Auto-targeting means abilities that do not require anything besides clicking the button.

Example: Ekko's "Chronobreak" 

Direction-targeted Dashes

Direction-targeting means abilities that require an input direction.

Example: Aatrox's "Umbral Dash"

Location-targeted Dashes

Location-targeting means abilities that require the player to specify a target location.
Example: Malphite's “Unstoppable Force”

Unit-targeted Dashes

Unit-targeting means abilities that require the player to target the unit to proceed. (Having the Sight icon on the target is necessary.)
Example: Briar's "Head Rush"

Terrain-targeted Dashes

Terrain-targeting means abilities that require the player to target the terrain.
Example: Talon's "Assassin's Path"

Countering dashes in LoL

Certain abilities in LoL are designed to counter or cancel dashes, and in the LoL when the amount of dashes rises on day-to-day basis it is important to know them.

How to counter dashes in LoL

  • Poppy's "Steadfast Presence": This ability creates a zone that prevents enemy champions from using dashes.
  • Taliyah's "Unraveled Earth": When enemy champions dash over the mined area, they take damage and are slowed.

What dashes can I Counter?

Besides Poppy’s and Taliyah’s abilities trough you can counter every dash, you can counter the following dashes with CC (like stuns) or polymorph effects:

  • Akshan's "Heroic Swing"
  • Camille's "Hookshot"
  • Kalista's "Martial Poise"
  • Rakan's "Grand Entrance" and "Battle Dance"
  • Yasuo's "Sweeping Blade"
  • Yuumi's "You and Me!"

Understanding how to cancel dashes and with what tools is crucial in LoL, especially in team fights or when trying to secure objectives. Countering or disrupting enemy dashes can significantly impact the outcome of engagements.

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