What is Dodging in League of Legends?

Dodge Definition
Dodge Definition

Dodging refers to the act of leaving the champion selection lobby before a match begins. This is typically done by closing the game client, or by not selecting a champion until the timer runs out. Queue dodging has various implications and reasons behind it:

Reasons for Queue Dodging

There are strategic reasons behind dodging. Understanding these can help you decide when it might be a good idea to dodge a lobby to save your rank and have a better gaming experience. Here are some key reasons players dodge queues:

  • Unfavorable Team Composition: Players might dodge if they feel their team's champion composition is significantly weaker than the opponent's.
  • Conflicts or Toxic Behavior: If there's evident conflict or toxic behavior among team members during champion selection.
  • Personal Reasons: Sometimes players may have real-life interruptions or decide they no longer have time for a game.
  • Avoiding Certain Matchups: To avoid playing against specific champions or players that one might find challenging or unpleasant.

Consequences of Queue Dodging

From immediate penalties like losing League Points (LP) and facing time-outs, to longer-term impacts on matchmaking and player reputation, understanding these consequences is crucial. This knowledge helps players weigh the pros and cons of dodging a match. Here's a look at what happens when you decide to dodge a queue:

  • Time Penalty: The player receives a time penalty, preventing them from joining a new queue for a certain period. This penalty typically increases with repeated dodging.
  • LP (League Points) Loss: In ranked games, dodging results in a small loss of LP. The LP loss increases from -5 to -10 up to -15 with subsequent dodges.
  • No MMR (Matchmaking Rating) Loss: Unlike losing a game, dodging does not affect a player’s MMR, which is why some players use it strategically to maintain their MMR.

Strategic Queue Dodging

Some players use queue dodging strategically to avoid games that seem unfavorable from the start, as the LP loss from dodging is often less than the potential loss from a defeat. However, excessive dodging leads to increased penalties and can be frustrating for other players.

Queue dodging is a tool that players can use in various situations, but it should be done thoughtfully, considering the potential penalties.

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