What is Draft Pick in League of Legends?

Draft Pick Definition
Draft Pick Definition

Draft Pick is a game mode that allows players to select their champions in a turn-based manner, with opportunities for banning certain champions from play. This mode is more strategic compared to the Quick play mode and is used in ranked play, normal games, and professional tournaments.

How does Draft Pick work?

Banning Phase: Each team gets the chance to ban a certain number of champions, preventing anyone in the match from playing those champions. This phase allows teams to strategically remove champions that are perceived as threats or counter picks to their planned composition.

Picking Phase: Teams take turns selecting their champions. Unlike in Quick Play, each champion can only be selected by one player in the match, eliminating mirror matchups (where both teams have the same champion).

Order of Selection: The order of picking is usually alternated between teams - one team picks one (or two, depending on the setup) champion(s), then the other team picks, and so forth. This alternating pattern adds a layer of strategy to champion selection.

The Point of Draft Picks

Counterpicking: Players can choose champions who are strong against the opponents' selections. This requires knowledge of champion matchups and team composition strategies.

Flex Picks: Some champions can be played in multiple roles. Picking such champions early can give a strategic advantage by keeping the team's true composition ambiguous.

Role Selection: In ranked play, players usually choose their preferred roles before entering the queue, and the Draft Pick system assigns roles to ensure a balanced team composition.

Benefits of Draft Pick:

Balanced Matches: By allowing bans and unique champion selections, Draft Pick tends to result in more balanced and strategically complex games.

Skill Development: Players can learn more about strategic planning and champion matchups, which is crucial for higher-level play.

Reduced Champion Repetitiveness: Bans and unique selections prevent the same few highly popular or powerful champions from being present in every game.

Draft Pick is favored in competitive play because it adds depth and strategic planning to the game setup, making the pre-game phase just as important as the gameplay itself. It’s a mode that tests not only the players' in-game skills but also their understanding of the broader game meta.

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