What does Elo mean in League Of Legends?

Elo Definition
Elo Definition

The term “Elo" refers to the ranking system used to compare the skill levels of players in competitive play. The term originates from the Elo rating system, a method developed for rating chess players by Arpad Elo. The current ranking system in LoL has evolved beyond the original format, but the term "Elo" is still used in the community to refer to a player's rank or skill level.

The Purpose "Elo"

  • Use in LoL Community: In the community, "Elo" is often used colloquially to refer to a player's skill level or rank, even though the actual Elo rating is no longer used. For example, phrases like "Elo hell" typically refer to the lower ranks (Silver and below).
  • Use in Skill Measurement: Elo is generally seen as a measure of a player's skill, game knowledge, and ability to win matches. A higher Elo indicates a higher skill level.
  • Use in Matchmaking: Matchmaking in ranked games is influenced by a player's rank (which is reflective of their Elo), intending to create balanced and competitive matches.

Evolution of the Elo System in League

  • Original Elo System: LoL originally used a version of the Elo system in Season 1 and Season 2, where players were given a numerical rating based on their game outcomes. Winning games would increase a player's Elo while losing games would decrease it.
  • Transition to League System: Riot Games, the developers of LoL, eventually replaced the pure Elo system with a tiered League system in Season 3. This system includes ranks like for example Silver or Gold.
  • LP (League Points): In each tier, except for Master and above, there are four divisions, and players earn League Points (LP) for winning matches. Obtaining 100 LP allows players to advance through divisions, and ranks after obtaining 100 LP in the first division of the rank.

In conclusion, while the technical use of the Elo rating system has been replaced in League of Legends, the term "Elo" stays in the player community as a way to discuss and refer to a player's competitive ranking and skill level.

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