What does Feeding mean in League of Legends?

Feeding Definition
Feeding Definition

In League of Legends,  to "feed" means to repeatedly die to the enemy team giving them an advantage in terms of gold and experience. It doesn't have to be intentional, but unfortunately, it results in boosting the enemy's strength.

Who is the 'Feeder'?

The "feeder" is a player who often dies to the enemy team, he is 'feeding' them with gold and experience. This term can be used for players who are having an exceptionally bad game, and for players who are intentionally dying - trolling.

Below you can see the short story about what is feeding from Riot Games Community Youtube channel.

 How Feeding Impacts Games?

Feeding puts a team at a disadvantage because the enemy is getting more gold and experience, they are much stronger because of that. Riot knows that this is a real issue in every rank, and they apply account bans to prevent that.

What should I do when my team is feeding?

  • It's Not Always Intentional: Remember that not all of the players who die often are intentionally feeding. They might be caught in a difficult matchup, or simply having an off game.
  • Toxicity doesn't help: Saying that “someone is feeding” can lead to negativity in your team and tilt them. Often the best way is just to play your best and not type anything.
  • These may be Good Deaths: Dying isn't always bad, for example, if you play support and perfectly engage the enemy, because of what the teamfight is won - it was a good death. Another example is Draven, because of his passive he is getting much more gold from kills, so trading 1 for 1 kill is much more efficient in that scenario.

How to prevent feeding in your games?

  • We are all humans: Remember that it can happen due to a player being outplayed, unfamiliar with a matchup, or simply having a bad game, so the best way to prevent it is to communicate that you still believe in victory and your teammates.
  • Adjust the strategy: Players who feed should consider adjusting their strategy. They might lack the knowledge, and they may need to play more defensively, stay closer to their turret, or seek help from teammates.
  • Team Support: Be a team player as it is a 5 vs 5 game, you can assist a player who is feeding by providing additional support in their lane, placing strategic wards for better vision, or helping them with pings.
  • Don't be Ignorant: It's important to know what is feeding, and what is not, remember that 95% of the ranked players really want to win and that you cannot expect from them anything more than the playstyle on the level of the rank you are in. Constructive communication and teamwork are more beneficial than criticism.

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