What is a Hotfix in League of Legends?

Hotfix Definition
Hotfix Definition

A hotfix in League of Legends is a Mid-Patch update applied by the game developers to address urgent issues, bugs, or game imbalances. Unlike regular updates, hotfixes are deployed without requiring the game client to be updated or the server to be taken down. They are typically used to quickly resolve problems that significantly impact gameplay or the game's balance.

Impact of Hotfixes on League

Hotfixes are crucial for maintaining the game's stability and fairness. They are often deployed soon after a major patch when unforeseen issues or OP champions or items are identified by players.

Where to find Hotfixes?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the newest League of Legends Patch.
  3. Scroll down to "Mid-Patch Updates"
The look of Mid-Patch Updates
The look of Mid-Patch Updates

Examples and Implementation of Hotfixes

Hotfixes in League of Legends are often applied within days, or even hours, of the identification of a critical issue. Players might see sudden changes in a champion's performance or bug fixes without a formal game update.

Examples of Hotfixes
Examples of Hotfixes
  • Champion Balance: Adjusting stats or abilities of champions that are too strong or weak.
  • Item and System Fixes: Quick fixes to items or game mechanics that are not functioning as intended.

Hotfixes play an essential role in ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming experience, allowing for swift corrections to critical issues in League of Legends.

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