What are IP (Influence Points) in League of Legends?

IP definition
IP definition

IP, or Influence Points, was a currency in League of Legends used to purchase in-game items such as champions and runes. On patch update V7.22, Influence Points have been replaced by Blue Essence, which now serve as the primary currency for these purchases.

The Transition from IP to Blue Essence

The shift from IP to Blue Essence was part of a larger update to the game’s currency system.

  • Simplified Currency: Blue Essence unified the game’s economy, making it easier for players to understand and use.
  • Legacy of IP: Influence Points were a fundamental part of the game’s economy for many years and are remembered by long-time players.
Transition from IP to Blue Essence
Transition from IP to Blue Essence

Using Blue Essence in League of Legends

Blue Essence, the successor of IP, is earned through gameplay and can be used for various in-game purchases.

  • Champion Acquisition: Players use Blue Essence to unlock new champions.
  • Rune Pages and Cosmetic Items: It’s also used for buying additional rune pages and certain cosmetic items.
  • Essence emporium: Its event which happens every year in League, you can buy special time-limited cosmetics for Blue Essence here.
essence emporium
essence emporium

Earning and Using Influence Points (IP)

Before being replaced by Blue Essence, Influence Points (IP) were a key part of League of Legends' in-game economy, and this is how they worked:

  • Earning IP: Players used to earn IP primarily by playing matches. The amount gained varied based on the match outcome, length, and type (ranked or unranked).
  • Purchasing Champions and Runes: IP was mainly used to purchase new champions and runes. This allowed players to play the game without spending real money.
  • Rewarding Players: The system rewarded regular play, because to earn more IP you were required to play more matches.
IP in Use
IP in Use

This system was integral to League of Legends for many years, allowing players to progress and make purchases through gameplay alone.

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