League of Legends Lane Swap Explained

Lane Swape Definition
Lane Swape Definition

Lane swapping refers to exchanging lanes between any roles at various stages across the game. It is no longer limited to just swapping the duo bot lane and solo top early on.

Some examples of common lane swaps:

  • The mid laner roams bot and gets a kill. The bot lane then goes mid while the mid laner pushes out bot.
  • The jungler ganks top and kills the enemy top laner. The top laner then goes bot while the ADC rotates top.
  • Two players swap lanes temporarily to defend a tower, then return to their original lane.

So in summary - lane swaps now happen fluidly as needed to react to kills, objectives, or pressure. It's no longer a predefined initial strategy just for the duo bot and top solo. Teams rotate roles between all three lanes at different times depending on the game state.

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