What is Leaver Buster in League of Legends?

Leaver Buster Definition
Leaver Buster Definition

In LoL, "LeaverBuster" refers to the automated system that detects and penalizes players who intentionally leave or "ragequit" games before they are finished.

What’s the point of Leaver Buster?

LeaverBuster is designed to discourage players from abandoning matches, which can negatively impact the gameplay experience for teammates who are left behind in a disadvantageous situation. When a player disconnects from a game, LeaverBuster tracks their behavior and issues appropriate penalties if it determines that the player intentionally left the match.

Does Leaver Buster Reset?

The length of the penalties imposed by League of Legends' LeaverBuster system can indeed reset, but this depends on the severity and regularity of the player's behavior. 

The system allows players to redeem themselves by exhibiting good conduct over an extended period. As long as a player avoids intentionally leaving or going AFK in matches, their penalty time will be reduced with each completed game, eventually resetting to zero if they maintain a steady record of playing matches through to completion.

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