What is Lethality in League of Legends? Explained

Lethality Definition
Lethality Definition

Lethality is a stat that allows physical damage dealers to penetrate through enemy armor. Unlike armor penetration which scales as a percentage, lethality works by reducing a flat amount of armor.

The more lethality a champion builds, the more armor they ignore on their target. This makes lethality most effective against low-armor enemies like marksmen and mages. Building lethality allows assassins and AD casters to amplify their damage versus squishy targets.

How is Lethality Calculated?

Lethality is calculated based on the following formula: Flat Armor Penetration = Lethality × (0.6 + 0.4 × target's level ÷ 18)

The formula uses the champion's lethality stat and the target's level to calculate the flat armor penetration. At level 1, it penetrates 60% of the lethality value. At level 18, it penetrates 100% of the lethality value. This makes lethality most effective against low armor targets, especially early game. It scales down against higher armor enemies.

Lethality Items in LoL

  • Axiom Arc (+18 Lethality)
  • Seprent's Fang (+15 Lethality)
  • Serrated Dirk (+10 Lethality)
  • Serylda's Grudge (+15 Lethality)
  • Edge of Night (+15 Lethality)
  • Hubris (+18 Lethality)
  • The Brutalizer (+8 Lethality)
  • The Collector (+16 Lethality)
  • Opportunity (+18 Lethality)
  • Umbral Glaive (+15 Lethality)
  • Voltaic Cyclosword (+18 Lethality)
  • Profane Hydra (+18 Lethality)
  • Youmuu's Ghostblade (+18 Lethality)

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