League of Legends Low Priority Queue Explained

Low Priority Queue Definition
Low Priority Queue Definition

The low priority queue is a punishment system that Riot Games implemented to punish negative players’ behaviors. Players who regularly exhibit toxic actions like intentional feeding, leaving matches early, or abusive chat are prime candidates for the low priority queue.

Low Priority Queue Punishment

When a player gets put into the low priority queue, they face restrictions and penalties to their normal game experience. The main punishment is substantially increased queue times, often 5 minutes or longer versus the usual 1-2 minutes. This forces low priority players to wait out long delays before they can even start matchmaking.

The number of games required to complete in the low priority queue depends on the severity of the player's recent offenses. For example, abandoning just one match may incur a 5 game requirement. But a player with a consistent history of toxicity could get slammed with a 20+ game requirement. This teaches that more grievous behaviors result in harsher low priority sentences.

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What’s the point of Low Priority Queue?

The goal of the low priority system is reform. It aims to make players reflect on their negative actions and improve their conduct over time. Completing all low priority games allows an eventual return to normal matchmaking. But players who continue exhibiting toxicity will be thrown back into low priority repeatedly, with escalating game requirements. So the path to reform is through patience and a changed attitude.

In summary, the League of Legends low-priority queue punishes bad actors by imposing queue delays and restrictions. It serves to teach toxic players the consequences of their actions while protecting others from their poor sportsmanship

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