What is LP in League of Legends?

LP Definition
LP Definition

In League of Legends, LP stands for "League Points" and that’s the points you need to advance in ranks. 

League Points are earned or lost based on the outcome of ranked matches. When a player wins a ranked game, they gain LP, and when they lose, they lose LP. The amount of LP gained or lost depends on various factors, such as the player's current rank, their team's performance, and the rank of their opponents.

How to Get More LP in League of Legends?

Here are some tips to help you gain more League Points (LP) and climb the ranked ladder in League of Legends:

  1. Improve your individual gameplay: Focus on improving your mechanics, decision-making, map awareness, and champion knowledge. The better you play as an individual, the more consistent your performance will be, leading to more wins and LP gains.
  2. Understand your role and champion pool: Specialize in a few roles and champions that you truly excel at. Having a deep understanding of your role and mastering a small pool of champions will make you more effective in ranked games.
  3. Analyze your mistakes: After every game, reflect on your mistakes and areas for improvement. Review your replays and identify opportunities where you could have made better decisions or played more optimally. Learning from your mistakes is crucial for continuous growth.
  4. Communicate and cooperate with your team: Good communication, coordination, and teamwork can significantly impact your chances of winning. Establish a positive attitude, provide useful information to your team, and work together to achieve victory.
  5. Play during your peak performance times: Identify the times of day when you feel most focused and alert, and try to play ranked games during those periods. Fatigue, distractions, or stress can negatively impact your gameplay and lead to unnecessary LP losses.
  6. Maintain a consistent playing schedule: Consistency is key when it comes to improving and climbing the ranked ladder. Try to play ranked games regularly, rather than sporadically, to maintain your skills and momentum.
  7. Practice efficiently: Utilize practice tools, custom games, and normal matches to work on specific aspects of your gameplay, such as last hitting, trading, or team fighting. Focused practice can help you refine your skills and translate them into better performance in ranked games.
  8. Manage your mental state: Stay positive, resilient, and focused. Tilt (becoming emotionally unstable) can lead to poor decision-making and unnecessary LP losses. Take breaks when needed, and approach each game with a fresh mindset.

Remember, climbing the ranked ladder takes time, dedication, and continuous improvement. Stay patient, analyze your gameplay objectively, and strive to improve with each game.

Why Am I Getting a Few LPs?

Your current rank and matchmaking rating (MMR) play a significant role in determining the amount of LP you gain or lose. If your MMR is lower than the average MMR of your current rank, you may receive fewer LP per win. This can happen if you've been on a losing streak or if you're consistently performing below your rank. The system assumes you are not yet fully acclimated to your current rank, so it adjusts the LP gains accordingly.

Another factor that can contribute to low LP gains is the difference in rank between you and your opponents. If you defeat opponents who are significantly lower in rank than you, the system sees it as an expected outcome and, therefore, rewards you with fewer LP. Conversely, defeating opponents who are higher in rank can result in more substantial LP gains.

How to Track Your LP?

Check your match history, and locate the bottom left corner of each match summary. Underneath your champion's icon, you will find the number of League Points (LP) you gained or lost from that specific game.

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