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Main Definition
Main Definition

Maining a champion in League of Legends refers to dedicating ample time to deeply learning and practicing one champion to the point of mastery. Players who main a champion rely on that pick as their go-to comfort whenever possible, with extensive knowledge of matchups, builds, mechanics, and playstyles. 

Reasons to main a champ include enjoying their aesthetics, liking their playstyle, or being able to counterpick effectively. Traits of mains are one-trick-pony behavior, hundreds of thousands of mastery points, and sticking to their champion pool over multiple seasons. 

Historic mains like Yasuo, Riven, or Vayne mains essentially play only those champions at a high level. The downside is less flexibility if their main gets banned or countered. Having 2-3 main champion pool is ideal for climbing solo queue while maintaining some adaptability in drafts.

Overall, maining a champion provides confidence and the best chance of success by deeply mastering a go-to comfort pick.

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