Mastery System League of Legends Explained

Mastery system definition
Mastery system definition

The Mastery system in League of Legends is a progression tracker that allows players to showcase their experience and dedication to specific champions. At its core, Mastery measures the time a player has spent playing games with a particular champion.

How does Mastery System work?

As you play more games with a champion, you gain mastery points and progress through different mastery levels associated with that champion. There are seven total mastery levels, each requiring more time investment than the last. The early levels from 1-4 focus on accumulating a certain threshold of mastery points to rank up.

The higher mastery tiers at 5+ incorporate an additional component - Mastery Tokens. Along with having earned enough mastery points on a champion, you must now also earn tokens by achieving at least an S- rank grade during matches. This ensures that players have both invested the time and demonstrated skill with a champion before hitting these prestigious upper tiers.

Reaching new mastery thresholds unlocks rewards like cosmetic tokens and titles that showcase Champion Mastery in Summoner’s profile. Also, by earning enough mastery points to hit milestones, players can unlock Champion Mastery tokens. Once a token is acquired, a player can spend blue essence to convert the token into a permanent Champion Mastery title (rank 6 and 7+) that unlocks special emotes as well as loading screen flares to proudly display a player's dedication to their favorite characters.

Unlike runes or other systems, Mastery does not provide any in-game combat stats or bonuses. Riot purposely designed it as an achievement system only. Therefore, pursuing new mastery levels is entirely optional for players looking for new goals and ways to flaunt experienced champion aptitude. For those passionate about maining key champions, the Mastery progression path offers shiny new milestones.

When was Mastery System added to League?

The Mastery system was first introduced to League of Legends in 2015. This new form of progression arrived alongside Ranked Season 5, bringing with it a way for dedicated players to showcase their skill with specific champions.

Prior to Mastery's implementation, the only representation of a player's experience was their overall account level which simply increased through accumulating match experience. Mastery revolutionized things by tracking progression at an individual champion level rather than summable across a player's entire champion pool.

With this focused per-champion progression path, players could now actively set goals to demonstrate their competency of particular characters. This helped them stand out from others who may play a wide variety of champions without specializing

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