MMR in League of Legends Explained

MMR Definition
MMR Definition

MMR stands for "matchmaking rating" in League of Legends. It's separate from your visible rank and LP. MMR determines the skill level of your opponents. 

How does MMR work in League of Legends?

Each player has an MMR score that represents their skill level. This is a hidden number that starts at a baseline when you first play ranked and the matchmaking system uses your MMR to match you with and against players of similar skill.

When you win games, your MMR goes up, and when you lose games, your MMR goes down. The amount it changes depends on the MMR of the other players in the match.

If your MMR is higher than your current rank, you'll gain more LP per win until your rank matches your MMR. If your MMR is lower than rank, you'll gain less LP per win and lose more per loss.Win and loss streaks can significantly boost or tank your MMR, resulting in fast climbs or drops. Consistency is key.

So in summary, MMR is an underlying score driving the ranked ladder experience by matching you against players of similar skill. Keep winning to boost your MMR and face tougher opponents!

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