What is ADS in Valorant?

ADS Definition
ADS Definition

ADS stands for "Aim Down Sights" in Valorant. It refers to the action of looking through the scope or sight of a weapon to gain enhanced accuracy and precision in shooting.

When you ADS with weapons like the Vandal or Phantom in Valorant, it zooms your field of view and reduces the spread of your shots for better long-range accuracy.

When should you use ADS?

Knowing when to toggle ADS on and off is critical for mastering Valorant gunplay. Here are key situations where utilizing ADS can improve your shooting accuracy and land more impactful frags:

  • When holding tight angles or long, clear lines of sight. ADS helps stabilize aim for precision shooting down straight corridors or angles.
  • Before peeking or exiting cover. Quickly pre-scoping angles by ADSing can help land immediate headshots as you expose yourself.
  • When spraying at medium to long range. ADS can tighten spread for greater accuracy with automatic fire across mid-long distances.
  • Snapshot shooting. Flick ADSing can help briefly tighten accuracy on quick reaction shots.

You generally don't need to ADS at knife fight ranges where mobility and vision are more important. Get comfortable toggling between ADS and off-the-hip shooting depending on your needs in the moment. Regularly utilize both for optimal versatility.

When shouldn’t you use ADS?

In tight spaces like hookah, halls, and corridors, ADS should typically be avoided. When enemies can swing out from multiple angles, limiting your vision and movement with ADS makes you an easier target. You need to see and react quickly while strafing erratically. Remaining off-the-hip helps acquire targets rapidly and flick between multiple opponents. It lets you take advantage of wide swing outplays to out-aim anyone holding narrow ADS angles.

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