What is Cheese in League of Legends?

Cheese Definition
Cheese Definition

In League of Legends, the term "cheese" is used to describe high-risk, unconventional strategies or tactics that rely on catching an opponent off guard. Cheese strategies try to get early wins through unexpected aggression or surprise ganks

The term cheese comes from how these strategies metaphorically catch opponents like mice unaware in a trap. Cheese strats can seem "cheap" when successful but easily backfire if predicted. Players sometimes disregard losses from cheese as not representative of skill. But cheese remains a viable way to shake up the meta and catch complacent teams sleeping. 

Examples of “Cheese Moments” in League of Legends

Here are some typical characteristics and examples of cheese strategies in LoL:

  • Unexpected Picks or Lane Swaps: Picking champions that are not traditionally used in a particular role or lane, or suddenly swapping lanes to catch the enemy off guard.
  • Early Aggression or Ganks: This might involve an early jungle invade or an immediate gank in a lane right after the game starts, aiming to secure an early kill or force the enemy to burn summoner spells.
  • Unusual Item Builds: Building non-standard items for a champion early in the game to maximize damage or survivability in a way that the enemy does not expect.
  • Ambushes: Hiding in unexpected places on the map to ambush an enemy champion, especially at the start of the game.
  • Objective Sneaks: Attempting to take major objectives like Baron Nashor or Dragons very early in the game when the enemy team is unlikely to expect it.

The term "cheese" in gaming generally carries a connotation of strategies that might not be viable consistently, especially at higher levels of play where opponents are more likely to anticipate and counter such tactics. 

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