What is Elder Dragon in League Of Legends?

Elder Dragon Definition
Elder Dragon Definition

The Elder Dragon is next to Baron the most important neutral monster in the League Of Legends. Killing it gives a significant buff to the team which allows you to burn enemies with true damage and execute them under 20% HP. It spawns after the Dragon Soul has been claimed, replacing the elemental dragons. The Elder Dragon Buff is considered the most impactful in the game.

Elder Dragon Buff

Defeating the Elder Dragon grants the Aspect of the Dragon effect to every alive ally, that grants 75 − 225, based on minutes, bonus true damage, and it instantly executes enemies below the 20% health threshold after hitting them. The buff duration is 150 seconds.

Why is Elder Dragon Important?

Elder Dragon is a key late game objective because of the Game-Ending Potential. The power spike provided by the Elder Dragon Buff can often be enough to end the game, especially in late-game scenarios. It gives the upper hand in team fights and the ability to push with greater ease to the team that killed the Elder Dragon, that's why the team fights around the Elder Dragon are the most decisive ones. 

In summary, the Elder Dragon is a late-game, high-value objective that can decide the outcome of a match. Securing the Elder Dragon often means winning the game due to its significant impact on team fights and the potential to swiftly end the game.

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