What is Facecheck in League of Legends?

Facecheck Definition
Facecheck Definition

To "facecheck" means to walk into a bush or an area of the map where vision is obscured without first checking for enemies. This is risky, as in every bush where you see the fog of war enemy may be waiting to jump on you. Facechecking is generally advised against, especially when playing squishy champions like Miss Fortune or Draven, or against opponents who may be waiting to set up a gank or early invade.

Reasons not to Facecheck

  • Giving away easy kills: Entering an unwarded area can result in being caught and (especially as ADC) easily killed by the enemy team.
  • No need for Facechecking: Instead of facechecking, players can use abilities, wards, or items that provide vision to safely check bushes or fogged areas.
  • Map Awareness: Good map awareness can reduce the need to facecheck. Keeping track of enemy positions and being cautious when they are missing from the map is crucial.
  • Late Game Caution: Facechecking becomes increasingly dangerous as the game progresses and death timers get longer, when getting caught can lead to significant disadvantages or even losing the game.

Facechecking in "League of Legends" is a risk management decision. While sometimes it might be necessary, it's often better to find safer ways to gain vision or rely on your support's vision.

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