What is a Hypercarry in League of Legends?

Hypercarry Definition
Hypercarry Definition

A Hypercarry in League of Legends is a type of champion known for their potential to deal massive damage in the later stages of a game. These champions typically scale exceptionally well with items and levels, becoming significant threats as the game progresses.

Characteristics of Hypercarries

Hypercarries usually have a weaker early game but become progressively stronger. They often require a team to support and protect them, especially in the mid and early-game phases.

  • Scaling with items: Gains substantial power spikes from key items.
  • Late-game impact: Becomes a primary damage source in team fights during the late game.

Playing With and Against Hypercarries

Strategies around hypercarries involve ensuring they reach their full potential while countering them focuses on preventing their growth and exploiting their early weaknesses.

  • Protecting the hypercarry: Teams often build strong frontline compositions to safeguard their hypercarry.
  • Shutting down early: Opponents aim to pressure hypercarries early, denying them the resources they need to scale.

Role of Hypercarries in Team Composition

Understanding the role of hypercarries in team compositions is crucial. Teams with a hypercarry often revolve around ensuring their survival and growth, as their late-game performance can dictate the outcome of the game.

  • Teamfight positioning: Hypercarries must be positioned safely in team fights to maximize their damage output.
  • Peeling for hypercarries: Teammates often focus on protecting the hypercarry from threats during teamfights and major battlesaround the objectives like dragons or baron.

Examples of Hypercarry Champions

Several champions in League of Legends are recognized as hypercarries, each with unique abilities and playstyles that allow them to excel in the late game.

  • Vayne: A marksman known for her incredible single-target damage and mobility, particularly effective against tanks.
  • Kassadin: A mage with immense burst potential and mobility in the late game, capable of rapidly taking down key targets.
  • Jinx: An ADC who excels in team fights due to her area-of-effect abilities and long-range rockets, capable of dealing massive attack damage from a distance.

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