What is an Invade in League of Legends?

Invade Definition
Invade Definition

Invade in League of Legends refers to a strategy where players enter the enemy jungle to confront the enemy jungler, steal buffs, or disrupt their jungle route. Unlike counter-jungling, which is safer and done when the enemy jungler is elsewhere, invading is a higher risk as it involves direct fights in the enemy jungle, often without full information about the enemy's position.

Risks of Invading

Invading requires strong map awareness, and often, team coordination. It is a high-risk, high-reward play that can set the enemy jungler behind if successful.

  • Ready for Combat: Invaders must be prepared to engage in fights.
  • Game sense: Key to making rational decisions about when and where to invade.

Invade VS Counter-Jungle

Understanding this distinction between invading and counter-jungling is crucial for effective jungle gameplay.

  • Invade: Going into the enemy jungle with the intent to fight or steal resources.
  • Counter-Jungle: Safely taking enemy jungle camps when the enemy jungler is known to be elsewhere.

Invades, and early invades in particular play a key role in exerting early game pressure and can potentially tilt the jungle matchup in one's favor. However, it requires a sense of timing, and often good follow-ups from your allies to execute it without being countered or killed.

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