What does Follow Up mean in League of Legends?

Follow Up Definition
Follow Up Definition

The term "follow up" means following the lead of another player. The lead often means engage. It is, for example, jumping on the enemy after your ally Leona lands CC on him, or following the lead of teammates by clicking your R as Yasuo after your ally knocks up the enemy. It can also mean following another player's strategy plan (e.g. Early Invade).

How To Properly Follow Up in LoL?

  • Coordination & Knowledge: Good follow-ups require good communication and game knowledge between team members because it's being ready to act + knowing when it makes sense. 
  • Timing and Execution: The success of a follow-up of course depends on timing, and acting too early or too late can deny its effectiveness.
  • Understanding Champion Abilities: Knowing the abilities and having some sense about the cooldowns of both your teammates' and enemy champions is the most basic advantage you can have in LoL. As not every cc is worth being followed up, and not every ally really wants to be followed up, keep in mind that your allies are only humans and they often make mistakes. You have to simply put yourself in your ally head, and think about possible scenarios and synergies.
  • Enhancing Team Fights: In team fights especially, follow-ups play a key role in maximizing damage, and stealing or securing objectives like Dragon or Baron. Proper follow-ups can turn BG's into wins.

Below you can see follow-ups on insanely good level from T1 and LSB  from LCK Summer 2023 Match

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