What is Leash in League of Legends?

Leashing Definition
Leashing Definition

In League of Legends, the term "leash" refers to the act of assisting a jungler at the start of the game by attacking the first monster camp they are attempting to clear. This process helps the jungler clear the camp more quickly and take less damage, allowing them to maintain higher health and efficiency in their early jungle clear.

Leash in League Explained

Now let's thoroughly talk about Leash in League of Legends - how can you properly leash in League of Legends?

  1. Jungler selects the first camp: Before the game starts, the jungler chooses the first monster camp they want to clear, usually one close to their starting position.
  2. Laners draw aggro: As the game begins, the nearby laners (usually the bottom lane duo) will quickly move towards the monster camp and initiate an attack on one of the monsters. This causes the entire camp to focus their attacks on the laners, effectively "leashing" the monsters and temporarily drawing their aggro away from the jungler.
  3. Jungler clears the camp: While the monsters are leashed and attacking the laners, the jungler can safely engage the camp and start dealing damage to the monsters without taking any initial retaliation. This allows the jungler to clear the camp more efficiently and with less damage taken.
  4. Laners back off: Once the monsters have taken a certain amount of damage or the jungler is about to finish the camp, the laners will disengage and retreat back to their lane, allowing the monsters to reset their aggro back onto the jungler.
  5. Jungler finishes the camp: With the camp's health significantly reduced by the leash, the jungler can easily finish off the remaining monsters, often saving valuable health and time compared to a solo clear.

Proper leashing is essential for junglers in the early game, as it helps them maintain a healthy clear and sets them up for a more efficient route and faster level progression. It's a simple but effective technique that requires coordination between the jungler and their laners at the start of the match.

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