What is Marksman in League of Legends?

Marksman Definition
Marksman Definition

A marksman in League of Legends is also known as an attack damage carry (ADC). ADCs are ranged champions that occupy the bot lane carry position and deal strong, reliable physical damage using their basic attacks.

Top 3 Marksman in League of Legends

For those looking to climb the ranks as an ADC main, it's invaluable to know the best bot lane carries in the current meta. By picking up one of League's top tier marksmen, you set yourself up for success in each match.


One of the most popular marksmen in the game is Ezreal. The reasons why he is so widely played stem from his versatile kit and the number of skins he has received. Additionally, Ezreal's strength in the current meta cements his popularity.

As a marksman, Ezreal thrives with many meta supports right now. He performs well alongside hard engage supports thanks to his burst damage follow-up. But he also succeeds with utility supports as they empower him to deal even more damage. Overall, Ezreal has great synergy with most meta bot lane champions.

His resilience and flexibility as a scaling carry or early game bully make Ezreal a premier pick for solo queue and competitive play alike. Even with changes to items and the meta landscape, Ezreal manages to adapt and remain a top tier marksman. For these reasons, passionate ADC mains and autofilled players gravitate toward Ezreal due to his consistency and versatility as a bot lane hypercarry.


What makes Ashe strong is her ability to start fights from super far away. After she hits level 6, she can use her ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow to stun someone from very far. This lets her set up her jungler to come gank or her support to jump in. In longer fights, Ashe can dish out a lot of damage too by stacking up her Ranger's Focus (Q) attack boost.

With how messy fights in solo queue can be, Ashe shines. Enemies often get caught out of position and she can punish them hard by starting surprise attacks. Between her long-range ultimate and dishing out tons of basic attack arrows, Ashe takes over skirmishes.

Overall, Ashe's mix of stuns, range and damage scaling works awesome against less organized teams. Even a tiny mistake against her can get enemies taken out quickly. That's why Ashe keeps being one of the best marksmen to play and climb with as a carry. 


Last but not least on our list is Vayne - one of League's most mechanically demanding yet rewarding marksmen. What makes Vayne difficult is her short range and outplay reliant style requiring expert kiting and decision making. However, players who master her high skill ceiling can readily hard carry games.

So for players willing to dedicate lots of games honing mechanical prowess, Vayne ultimately pays off massively. Her lategame domination remains unparalleled when mastered despite early game growing pains. For these reasons, the skillful Night Hunter secures her spot as a top tier marksman always feared in ranked and competitive League of Legends.

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