Is Eloking Safe or a Scam?

By Muhammad
Is Eloking Safe or a Scam?

Eloking is a legitimate business to purchase boosting services from. However, while it is safe to buy from Eloking, there are way better options available such as GameBoost. 

What is Eloking? 

Eloking operates an online platform where customers can purchase a variety of gaming services. Their offerings include boosting and coaching for games like League of Legends and Valorant

While Eloking aims to provide safe and effective services, customers should do their own research before purchasing to ensure it meets their needs and expectations. As with any gaming service, it's important to read reviews, compare to competitors, and evaluate if Eloking seems trustworthy and capable of delivering on advertised services. 

Is Eloking A Scam? 

Eloking is a relatively new company offering elo boosting and other gaming services. While they are not outright scammers, their short time in business means they don't have an established reputation yet. As a newer boosting company, they may have some growing pains. More seasoned services like GameBoost have years of experience and reviews showing their reliability. This gives them an advantage over newer options like Eloking.

Now let's look at some of Eloking's Reviews that may not be promising to potential customers.

Eloking Review: Lack of Quality

Eloking Review
Eloking Review

This Eloking review highlights some serious issues with Eloking's services. Delayed order execution shows poor organization and failure to meet promised timelines. This hurts customers relying on timely boosting to reach ranked goals. Even worse, the quality of actual boosting seems subpar and ineffective. Only achieving placements in 2 out of 5 games at the Platinum tier is simply unacceptable performance. For a service charging money, customers deserve far better results than that.

Eloking needs major improvements to operate a legitimate service instead of wasting customers' money and time. From order delays to weak boosting, nothing about their business inspires confidence.

Eloking Review: Awful Support

Eloking review
Eloking review

Another Eloking negative review highlights inexcusably poor customer service by Eloking, severely damaging their credibility as a boosting provider. The customer reasonably reached out for support after facing problems with an ordered boost. Yet Eloking's live chat completely ignored them, failing to respond at all after a 30-minute wait. Such unresponsiveness shows sheer indifference toward helping customers post-purchase.

Then when the customer persisted in seeking support 12 hours later, Eloking immediately closed the chat without assisting them whatsoever. This dismissive behavior is outrageous for a business that has already taken the customer's money. No company should take funds and then deny basic customer support. It wastes the customer's time and investment.

The lack of communication, unhelpful service, and refusal to stand by the products sold is unacceptable. Eloking provides no recourse for customers receiving deficient services. For these reasons, it seems wise to avoid Eloking entirely and find a boosting company that values its customers even after payment. Poor support equates to lost trust. Those considering Eloking would be better off looking at alternatives that offer responsive, timely customer assistance when issues inevitably arise.

Eloking Review: Inefficient Coaching

Eloking Review
Eloking Review

This Eloking review exposes some glaring weaknesses in Eloking's coaching program. Firstly, the customer highlights an inability to select their main role for coaching. This lack of customization means they likely did not receive focused training for improving their gameplay in desired areas. Coaching should revolve around enhancing skills in your main role, so denying role selection renders the lessons ineffective.

Additionally, the coach apparently struggled significantly with English communication. Language barriers can severely limit productive coaching, where clear explanations and feedback are essential. The customer cannot benefit from poor English instruction they barely understand. This makes the entire coaching experience unhelpful in improving at the game.

Eloking Review: Unskilled Boosters

Eloking Review
Eloking Review

This customer's experience highlights unacceptable mediocrity in Eloking's boosting service. After purchasing boosting for 40 games, the player's account remained stagnantly ranked at Gold 4. This complete failure to provide any meaningful rank improvement is outrageous given the customer's investment. A competent booster service should have no trouble with boosting an account out of Gold in far fewer games.

The fact that the Eloking boosters struggled to make ANY progress indicates glaring skill issues. Gold 4 is an average ranking where decent boosters should thrive. The inability to carry here suggests Eloking utilizes very subpar players despite advertising high elo boosters. No paying customer should have to tolerate such ineffective, robotic "boosting" that barely moves the needle.

Eloking vs. GameBoost: Which to Choose

The short answer is GameBoost. It is safe to say that GameBoost has more experience, better website design, superior boosters, service, support, etc. No need to think twice. Now let's compare the two companies to each other.


When it comes to trustworthiness, GameBoost has a clear advantage. They have many years of experience providing elo boosting services and have built up a strong reputation for reliability over the years. Eloking is a newer company with mixed reviews, concerning reports about order issues and account safety problems that hurt their reputation. GameBoost is widely regarded as one of the most trusted and reputable boosting companies. Their long track record gives peace of mind.

Customer Support

You expect quality customer service for a service you pay for, and GameBoost delivers. They have 24/7 live chat support and a reputation for swift, helpful responses to any issues. Eloking frequently ignores customer inquiries according to reviews, leaving issues unresolved. With GameBoost, you can rely on knowledgeable support ready to address any concerns promptly. Fast and caring service ensures a smooth process.

Booster Skill

The quality of the actual boosters is essential for gaining ranks. GameBoost only utilizes highly-skilled Challengers who can reliably carry games and elo boost accounts. Eloking seems to overpromise on booster qualifications, with many reviewers reporting their boosters struggled to make progress. You want the best playing on your account, and GameBoost's stringent vetting provides that peace of mind.

Website & User Experience

Beyond the services, GameBoost offers a superior website experience. Their site is professionally designed for easy navigation and order placement. Reviews praise their simple, intuitive boosting packages compared to Eloking's confusing options. Overall, GameBoost invests in their platform to make finding and purchasing elo boosting straightforward. The entire process feels seamless.

When you compare the key factors, GameBoost is the clear winner over Eloking for trust, service, boosting quality, and website experience. 

Across the elo boosting industry, one company stands above the rest - GameBoost. When compared to top competitors like Boostroyal, Eloking, and Eloboost24, GameBoost consistently comes out on top.

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