What is an Assassin Champion in LoL?

Assassin Champion Definition
Assassin Champion Definition

Assassins are a champion class in League of Legends known for their high damage potential and ability to swiftly take down targets. As melee champions, assassins must get up close to enemy carries and mages to unleash their devastating burst damage combos. This makes positioning and knowing when to enter fights critical.

Even though they’re fragile, assassins have very high mobility thanks to blinks, dashes, and stealth abilities. This allows them to navigate team fights and skirt past frontlines to reach prime targets. Mastering this hit-and-run playstyle is key to utilizing assassins effectively.

Top 3 Assassin Champions in League of Legends

Looking to pick your Assassin champion in LoL? We have got some interesting champions that you might want to consider!

#3: Akali

Akali's high mobility makes her one of the most elusive assassins in League of Legends. Her ultimate, Perfect Execution, gives her tremendous dash potential to weave through team fights.

Upon the first cast, Akali rockets towards a targeted enemy up to 750 units away, dealing magic damage to all enemies passed through. If she reaches the max dash range, it extends an extra 150 units past the target.

After a 2.5-second cooldown, Akali can re-activate her ultimate to dash up to 800 units again. This second dash deals amplified magic damage based on the target's missing health, allowing her to quickly finish off low enemies.

Chaining the dashes from her ultimate with other abilities like her Twilight Shroud smoke bomb allows Akali to dance around team fights, dodging attacks while picking off squishes. Mastering Akali's hit-and-run potential takes skill, but pays off with rapid multi-kills when executed properly.

#2: Fizz

Fizz's mobility and trickery make him a slippery assassin. His passive, Nimble Fighter, grants ghosting so he can seamlessly weave through enemies. This synergizes with his Q - Urchin Strike dash that lets Fizz close gaps rapidly.

When Fizz Qs to a target, his next attack deals amplified magic damage plus 100% physical damage for a devastating combo. His E ability, Playful/Trickster, lets Fizz hop a short distance while becoming untargetable for 0.75 seconds, perfect for dodging critical spells.

Fizz's W ability, Seastone Trident, passively empowers his auto attacks, while his ultimate, Chum the Waters, fires a lure that summons a shark to knock up and damage the target after a delay.

Combined, Fizz's abilities allow him to artfully dance into range before unloading his full burst and evading retaliation. His mastery of mobility and untargetability cement his reputation as one of the most elusive assassins in League of Legends.

#1: Qiyana

Qiyana's elemental magic makes her one of the deadliest team fight initiators among assassins. Her unique passive lets Qiyana enchant her blade with grass, rock, or water elements based on the terrain she is near.

This synergizes with her ultimate, Supreme Display of Talent, which unleashes a massive windblast in a direction. Enemies hit get knocked back and stunned for 1 second if they collide with terrain.

The windblast culminates in a brutal explosion, dealing physical damage plus 10% of the targets' maximum health. When aimed properly, Qiyana can incapacitate multiple enemies long enough for her team to wipe them out.

Mastering the angles and locations that maximize Qiyana's terrain-based CC makes her a fearsome assassin. Catching even one key target in her ultimate's blast can swing a teamfight, while hitting the entire enemy team often ends in an ace. Qiyana demonstrates how map awareness and positioning separate the best assassins from the rest.

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