What is Backline in League of Legends?

Backline Definition
Backline Definition

In LoL, backline refers to the ranged damage-dealing champions on a team that typically has low defenses and health. The backline stands behind the frontline tanks and fighters, relying on them for protection while dealing damage from a safer distance.

The backline does most of the damage for a team. If the backline is weak, the team can't kill enemies fast enough. If the backline dies early in a fight, it will be hard for the team to win.

Teams want to keep their backline safe while killing the enemy backline. Supports help the backline by healing, shielding, and stunning enemies.

If a backline champion is out of position, they can die very fast. Teams need good timing on stuns and target focus to kill the enemy backline. In team fights, engaging champions try to reach the backline while utility champions try to peel them away. Managing the backline well is important for winning fights in League of Legends.

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