What is Critical Strike in League of Legends?

Critical Strike Definition
Critical Strike Definition

A critical strike is a type of damage in games that inflicts 175% of the standard damage, represented by a special critical strike damage icon. This enhanced damage can be triggered through certain items and abilities, and is typically a common feature of basic attacks

The occurrence of a critical strike depends on specific conditions or is determined by a 'critical strike chance' icon, indicating the likelihood of this enhanced damage effect being activated.

How does Critical Strike work?

Unlike most stats, critical strike chance does not come from leveling up your champion. Instead, this stat is gained primarily through purchasing items and activating certain abilities. Critical strike chance determines the probability that your basic attack will deal amplified damage. This chance is calculated additively - for example, two 20% crit chance items will grant 40% total crit chance.

Crit chance works dynamically such that multiple successive crits will reduce your next crit probability, while multiple non-crits will increase your next crit chance. This smooths out crit damage over many auto attacks. In a sense, critical strike functions as a damage multiplier averaged over time.

Increasing crit strike chance boosts your overall DPS, especially when coupled with attack damage and attack speed items. Each 1% of crit chance adds approximately 0.75% to your total damage output. At 50% crit chance, your DPS is boosted by 37.5% compared to having 0% crit.

The formula for calculating your damage multiplier with critical strike chance is:

Damage Multiplier = 1 + (Crit Chance x (0.75 + Bonus Crit Damage))

Building critical strike chance and damage is an essential way for ADCs and other basic attack reliant champions to scale their damage into the late game. Managing crit chance probabilities and damage spikes are key to maximizing DPS.

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