What does GG mean in League of Legends?

GG Definition
GG Definition

"GG" stands for "Good Game" and it's a way to show sportsmanship to teammates and opponents. "GG" means acknowledging a good game, whether you won or lost. In online games like League of Legends, "GG" is a virtual handshake to show respect after a match. It recognizes the skill and effort that went into the game from both sides.

Players in League of Legends also often use the opposite of "GG", "BG"  at the end of a match, which stands for "Bad Game". "BG" is more like saying "EZ" while "GG" when said at the end of the match is similar to saying "GLHF". Originally, "GG" was used to acknowledge a good game, regardless of whether the player won or lost.

The Change of "GG"

The usage of "GG" has changed over time, and sometimes it is used sarcastically or prematurely, which can come across as insincere or frustrating for others. Saying "GGEZ" is a similar example, meaning "game over" before the game has actually finished.

It is important to remember that "GG" should only be used at the end of the game as a way of demonstrating good sportsmanship. It is a simple and positive way to add good energy after a match, whether you won or lost. Using "GG" can help keep the game fun, respectful, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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