What does GGEZ mean in League of Legends?

GGEZ Definition
GGEZ Definition

The phrase "GGEZ," is a changed version of "GG" (Good Game) where "EZ" means "easy". "GGEZ" is different, and it implies that the game was effortless, and it is more of a brag than a show of appreciation. This can be seen as impolite, unsportsmanlike, and unkind to the losing team. 

Using "GGEZ" in a match can make other players feel bad, and it goes against Riot Games' code of conduct. Riot Games punishes players by restricting their chat, no matter who wins the game. Being mature and respectful means acknowledging a win or a loss without disrespecting other players' efforts.

Traditional sports expect athletes to show grace when they win and to be dignified when they lose. The same values apply to gaming and esports. Just like a soccer player wouldn't brag about an easy win right after the game, using "GGEZ" in League of Legends is considered bad manners. The phrase destroys the game's spirit, which is teamwork and competition.

To summarize, while "GGEZ" may seem harmless, remember that using such phrases in chat can make other players feel bad and affect your account. Using phrases like "GLHF", or "GL" is better, promotes a more positive and inclusive gaming community, and shows that you respect fair play and good sportsmanship.

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