What is Grandmaster in League of Legends?

Grandmaster Definition
Grandmaster Definition

Grandmaster in League of Legends is a high-tier rank in the game's competitive ladder, sitting just below the highest rank, Challenger. It's a tier reserved for the top players in each region, these players have exceptional skill and game knowledge. The Grandmaster tier has a limited number of slots available, varying by region and queue type.

Grandmaster Tier Limits

In the Europe West (EUW) and Europe Nordic & East (EUNE) regions, the number of slots in the Grandmaster tier differs based on the queue type:

  • EUW Solo/Duo Queue: 700 Grandmaster slots.
  • EUW Flex Queue: 500 Grandmaster slots.
  • EUNE Solo/Duo Queue: 500 Grandmaster slots.
  • EUNE Flex Queue: 100 Grandmaster slots.

The Prestige and Challenge of Grandmaster

Reaching Grandmaster status is a significant achievement, reflecting a player's dedication and mastery. It's a highly competitive environment where players are constantly striving to maintain or improve their rank.

  • Skill Level: Grandmaster players are among the best, often competing against professional and highly dedicated players.
  • Dynamic Queue: The number of players in Grandmaster can fluctuate as players promote to Challenger or demote, making it a dynamic and competitive tier. That is the reason why people are often dodging unfavorable matchups.

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